Digital Transformation

Humanising tech through storytelling

Looking to extend your reach and ease the journey towards digital transformation? Or explain to customers the impact your technology has in the real world?

We help companies in the tech sector connect with their audiences by humanising the technology at the heart of their operations.

Case study: FICO: Digital Jane Series

The challenge

FICO, a world leader in fintech, sought to showcase the innovation and tech that goes into the everyday transactions of users of financial platforms. The key focus was to make a relatively complex set of technical processes understandable and relatable.

Our solution

Using exclusively stock shots and working to a tailored script, we created a fictitious character (based on "Emily in Paris"), telling her story as a day-in-the-life. The 6 chapters explain how banks, insurance companies and 3rd party retailers can best interact with customers when and where it matters.

The outcome

The response was so positive, FICO used Digital Jane 1 to show their own engineers the fruits of their labour in 2022, and commissioned a second in the series for 2023, which debuted at their annual conference. It fulfilled its purpose which is to make technology explainable and useable.

“Very, very good. Maybe the best vendor/agency I’ve ever done business with.”

Todd Rollin, Director of Product Marketing, FICO

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