Corporate-Charity Partnerships

The power of partnership

Businesses have a responsibility to use their ecosystem as a wider force for good.

And post-pandemic interest in a purpose-led life has seen a dramatic rise. In a world where consumers care more about the values a company holds, putting the good things you do at the forefront is key.

We help leading brands generate trust and loyalty by tapping in on shared values, creating films that inspire from the heart.

Case study: Costa Foundation

The challenge

To create a showcase of the good work done by the Costa Foundation in a way that communicated the care at the heart of the organisation. In addition, there was a need to put the spotlight on the fundraising work done by Costa's Store Champions, and the difference its programmes have made to the lives of children across the world.

Our solution

Through a series of interviews with Store Champions representing a range of Costa Coffee stores across the UK, we were able to get a real understanding of the charitable spirit that motivates Costa employees to give back to the communities that grow their coffee beans.

The outcome

Nominated as a Finalist in the Smiley Charity Film Awards, our inspiring film looks at how the extraordinary work of the Costa Foundation helps some of the world’s most disadvantaged children achieve a better foundation in their lives.

“We’d like to congratulate Cloud9Media for bringing your storytelling magic and putting the spotlight on our Store Champions. This beautifully crafted film proudly captures their dedication in helping communities across the world to thrive!”

Charlotte Astley, Sustainability Communications Manager, Costa Foundation

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