Uniting to Combat NTDs

It started with a call early on Monday from Uniting to Combat NTDs: they were in a bit of a pickle.

UTC had originally wanted to invite three community medicine distributors form around Africa to speak at a conference in London. However getting visas in such a short space of time ruled this out.

So Uniting to Combat commissioned us to capture these stories of local leadership across Africa. Wrangling with customs officers, visas and long car journeys, we filmed over 10 days to the remotest regions to hear these people’s stories.

Thus began our relationship with Uniting to Combat NTDs – one that has continued to this day.

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“It’s just been shown to 16 ministers of health from West Africa and the President of Ghana at the President’s Council for Health which I was chairing in Accra… They applauded the film and the President of Ghana, John Mahama, leapt up and hugged me saying “This is what communities in Africa are all about!” – he nearly knocked me off the stage”

Thoko Pooley, Executive Director,   ―  Uniting to Combat NTDs

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