Mectizan Donation Program

We have been core to helping Merck leverage their power to do good through the Mectizan Donation Program.

In our longstanding role as their film partner of choice, we have created video content from countries across Africa that capture the heroes of elimination, devised a pan-African campaign to Stamp Out Oncho with the support of local Ministries of Health, as well as building their website. We even assisted with shaping their brand, by helping them devise their tagline “Local Power. Global Change.”

A warm thanks to MDP for putting their faith in us and our creativity.

Latest Videos

As much as needed, as long as needed

A look at 35 years' work by the Mectizan Donation Program to eliminate one of the most robust diseases known to mankind.

Nasarawa State: Beyond Elimination

The successful elimination of river blindness is in safe hands in Nasawara State, Nigeria.

Stamp Out Oncho: One Persistent Woman

Mme Chebin lets nothing get in the way of her making sure each and every person takes their Mectizan treatment in her community in Cameroon.

Kebbi State: The Power of Partnership

The symbiotic relationship between NGOs and the Nigerian government bears fruit in the fight to eliminate River Blindness.

Oncho and LF Elimination Roadmap

An overview of the Mectizan Donation Program's decades-long fight to eliminate onchocerciasis and lymphatic filariasis.

Task Force For Global Health: 40 Years Of Impact

Our film celebrates 40 years of the Task Force For Global Health in a short documentary packed with history, highlights and achievements.

“Cloud9 does not approach projects with a cookie-cutter approach. Each project is carefully considered and, though ideas from other, similar projects may be introduced – the final product works perfectly for our purposes.”

Joni Lawrence  ―  Mectizan Donation Program

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