After we were invited in to create an employer brand video for FICO, a large fintech company based in Silicon Valley, our relationship started to grow. They loved the human touch we brought to their story.

We’ve since gone on to provide annual coverage of their global FICO World conference, a suite of client testimonial spotlight videos, product marketing content, further employer brand films, humorous staff-facing films and even launched our Instabooth to show the human side of the people working in big data.


Latest Videos

FICO World ’24 Event Promo

When you put so much effort into one event, it pays to make it last.

Be An Intelligence Hero

FICO World delegates express how themes at the conference resonated with them.

The Dance of AI

A conference opener with a difference that received a standing ovation from a 1400-strong audience.

Digital Jane: Consumer Perspective

A day in the life of Digital Jane, explaining the capabilities of FICO's technology from the consumer perspective.

Be An Intelligence Hero

FICO World delegates express how themes at the conference resonated with them.

Instabooth: A Penny for Your Thoughts

We asked delegates at FICO World two questions: "What was you best decision?" and "What was your worst decision?"

Customer Development

The story of digital transformation and FICO's global bigger picture, told through the personal perspective of those who make it happen.

FICO Fireside: Behind the Scenes

Mission to Mars - FICO Fireside Behind the Scenes

FICO Graduate Recruitment (US)

A day-in-the-life to give graduate recruitment candidates an idea of what it’s like to work at FICO.

Off The Grid Financing Solutions

How Círculo de Crédito uses FICO's unique credit risk scores to boost financial inclusion.

The Anatomy of Implementation

A look into how C&R Software approach software implementation for their customers.

“Very, very good. Maybe the best vendor/agency I’ve ever done business with.”

Todd Rollin  ―   FICO

“Fantastic and creative team! Love their video production and content. They really put their heart into it. Highly recommend.”

Shaheen Fernandes  ―   FICO

The Cloud9 team always pumps out top notch quality, and internalizes every project, often under many constraints. It’s not always an easy task, but you do make it look easy while still going the extra mile.

Elliott Starno  ―   FICO

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