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Costa Foundation

The Costa Foundation exists to improve the life chances of children in coffee growing communities across the world. When they approached us to showcase the great work being done by the Store Champions in Costa Coffee shops across the UK, we immediately saw it as a way to highlight the care at the heart of the organisation.

Through a series of interviews with Store Champions in stores across the UK, we were able to get a real understanding of the charitable spirit of the Costa Foundation that motivates employees to give back to the communities that grow their coffee beans.

The result was a truly inspiring film that looks at how the extraordinary work of the Costa Foundation helps some of the world’s most disadvantaged children achieve a better foundation in their lives.

We’re proud to share that our film was nominated as a Finalist in the Smiley Charity Film Awards and continues to enjoy high view numbers on the Foundation’s website.

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“You’ve really hit the nail on the head with this. It truly depicts what the Costa Foundation is about, what a great representation of us. This is going to be a powerful tool to showcase the work that our teams do and what the Costa Foundation means to not only them but the communities that we help.”

Stephen Husband   ―  Costa Foundation

“I’ve just spent the whole time crying at how amazing this is – total blubbering mess… Honestly I think it’s super! You’ve really got the best from my team thank you!”

Hayley Scott  ―  Costa Foundation

“The video is quite superb and has made me well up – I think it captures the essence of what the Foundation is all about and how much it means to Costa team members in just the perfect way. Thank you so much for making it all so real.”

Piers Blake (Founder)  ―  Costa Foundation

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