About us

Steve and a child in Africa playing with a large camera

Our backstory:

Cloud9Media was born out of a trip to Africa where founding partner Steve Maud first got the bug for compassionate storytelling. Working with some of the biggest named celebrities, he soon came to realise that in spite of tear-jerking performances, it was the people behind the diseases, the real people on the ground, who are driving change that were the most important.

Realising video could be used to challenge perceptions rather than reinforce stereotypes, he went on to assemble a team of like-minded aficionados, skilled individuals who were tired of the treadmill and wanted to make content that mattered.

And so our story began.

Our Framework

We like the Sustainable Development Goals because they lay the framework for the future well-being of our planet. Whether that’s in the UK or abroad – we’re all global citizens. They show how our footprint as an individual and the organisations we choose to work for makes all the difference. And these aren’t just our own values – ask any 20 year old what they care about and it’s not going to be a corporate manifesto.

1. No Poverty
2. Zero Hunger
3. Good Health & Well-Being
4. Quality Education
5. Gender Equality
6. Clean Water & Sanitation
7. Affordable & Clean Energy
8. Decent Work & Economic Growth
9. Industry, Innovation & Infrastructure
10. Reduced Inequalities
11. Sustainable Cities & Communites
12. Responsible Consumption & Production
13. Climate Action
14. Life Below Water
15. Life on Land
16. Peace, Justice & Strong Institutions
17. Partnerships for the Goals
UN Sustainable Development Goals

Our Response

We’re a band of brothers and sisters, we’re the movers, we’re the makers, we’re the rattle shakers, we’re the change agents, we’re the challengers, we’re the talkers, we’re the listeners, we’re the lovers, we’re the artists, we’re the dreamers, we’re the thinkers, we’re the creators, we’re collaborators, the innovators, we’re the rule breakers.

We are Cloud9Media.

Our Team

Our team is made up of a range of multi-skilled people from diverse backgrounds, driven by a shared sense of purpose, putting all our brains together to problem-solve and create magic as one voice.

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Steve Maud

Founding Manager / Creative Director

With 25 years in the business, Steve’s passion for filmmaking and out-of-the-box thinking drives the creative integrity of every project and keeps the company on message.

Duncan Walsh

Senior Producer / Client Manager

With over 20 years in delivering films for broadcast and corporate Duncan is the cool cucumber needed to see clients through the rough and the smooth.

Luke Williams

Head of Production

Luke keeps things on track to make sure projects are budgeted fairly and run smoothly.

Bruna Amaral

In-house Editor

Bruna brings her own undying passion for film and colour to the team – as well as pasteis de nata.

Hannah Evans

Marketing Assistant

Hans represents the voice of those born in the 90s and onwards. And she knows how to do the internet and Instathingy.

Dean McCormick

New Business Manager

Dean keeps us real in sourcing the very best partnerships with people who share our ethos and outlook.

Ziggy Bubba

Chairman & CEO

Ziggy reminds us we all need to eat. And go to the loo. And be cuddled.

Cloud9Media group shot with instruments